The 5 Biggest Challenges Faced by Web Developers

Today a business can hardly receive any acclamation if it doesn’t have a professional working website. With new businesses flourishing every minute around the world the demand for qualified and skilled web developers is increasing. Being a Web Developer isn’t an easy job.

They must face every business as a challenge, keeping up with daily emerging development tactics. Although every work they take up isa new challenge, these are the 5 biggest challenges faced by Web Developers:

  1. Scalability

Scalability, an up-hill task, is all about balancing load between the servers. Increase in traffic on a page in turn increases load on serverwhich slows down the page loading process. The web page must be designed in such a way that it can work on multiple servers. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) makes it flexible to change from one server to another easily,thereby improving the scalability.

  1. User Interface & User Experience

It is Smartphones everywhere. So, Web Developers are supposed to create user-friendly websites where users can view themon their mobile phones, anywhere and anytime. Creating an instinctive website navigation can create a better user experience to those who visit the website and helps in establishing long-term customers.

  1. Knowledge of Frame Work & Platform

Frameworks are the starting point of development languages. They boost performance, offer libraries of coding and extend capabilities. Common examples of web frameworks are PHP, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails and J2EE. OnlineWeb Development platforms can provide client libraries to build on existing frameworks required to develop a web application or website.

  1. Performance

The speed of the website is an important factor that determines its success. A slow website can make your customer get frustrated or switch to your competitor causing damage tocompany’s reputation. Some of the performance issues are poorly written code, Unoptimised databases, unmanaged growth of data, traffic spikes, poor load distribution, default configuration, troublesome third-party services, etc.

  1. Security

As people now-a-days are more concerned about the security of their details, Web App Security is a very important feature to be taken care of, especially when it deals with information such as payment details, contact information, and other confidential data. Web App Security must be considered at every stage of Software Development Life Cycle.

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