iOS app or Android app – which app will suit my business the best?

With technology dominating us, our world is becoming smarter every day. With the evolution of mobile phones into smartphones, they are highly preferred for both professional and personal use. The virtual and physical realms have collided, to form mobile app ecosystem, under the mystifying powers of smartphones and high-speed internet.

This ecosystem celebrated its 10th birthday this summer. Mobile apps have increased the potency of information, e-commerce, building connections, entertainment, delivery and so much more. 2016 saw a total of 25+ billion iOS app downloads and 90 billion of Android app downloads.

Usage of mobile apps have given businesses the chance to leverage trust, reach out and interact with their customers, to in turn improve and expand. Apple iOS App Store and Google’s Google Play store are the two biggest ap stores around the world. However, iPhones are quite popular in developed countries like the USA and UK. Hence, while developing an app for the business, it is important to choose a platform that offers exciting features and provides utmost level of security to its users.

The curated model of Apple iOS App Store expects compliance of mobile apps to the standards set by Apple. iOS provides strong shield against malware, bugs and content, especially those that are inappropriate for minors, making right for a business app. However, app developers need to be careful not to fall under Apple’s app content publication guidelines. With its high standard hardware and customer support, Apple has developed a superior brand in consumer electronics. Every iOS app is presumed to work on an iPhone maintaining those standards and providing a great user experience, which is always essential for businesses.

Google Play store app publication on the other hand is less stringent, less time-consuming, cheaper and hence is the most used by Android app developers in the world. There is no license fee for publishing an app on the Android operating system.  Android plays a key role in the tremendous popularity of smartphones, as about 81% of smartphone users find it user-friendly. Google utilises its Android app store to increase profits, by placing ads and using it as a channel to distribute software. An ever-growing number of enterprises are adopting Android to build custom mobile apps, to considerably boost their revenues and attain tremendous business growth. Releasing an Android-supported app, therefore, allows you to connect with a large community of mobile users.

Furious Fox is a leading iOS and Android app development company in London helping businesses to reach their consumers, improve brand identity and evolve. To discuss more on which mobile operating system will suit your business app the best, contact us.

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