5 Social Media Content Marketing Trends for 2018

Social Media Optimisation entails developing social media profiles and producing content that social media users will want to share with their peers. Every company today that focuses on its development is into the social media too. C2C Companies strive to keep themselves abreast with the Digital World and maintain their relationship with their online customers.

Content Marketing is of prime importance as it outlines your company’s character via content. A good content is meant to attract more customers towards your work and draw more attention towards your brand. The field of digital content marketing is maturing, and companies need to make sure that the content of their campaigns and strategies are keeping up with the race.

As we have already crossed 4 months of 2018, Furious Fox brings these 5 Social Media Content Marketing Trends for 2018:

  • Invest in Social Strategy

Social Media plays an integral role in lives of the users, which is why it has become evidently essential to invest in strong social media strategy. A strategy aims at helping your customers to engage with you, creating brand awareness and credibility, and targeting new customers. Include someone who knows what kind of content will increase your traffic in each media and has working knowledge of various tools that can be employed. That will be a smart investment on your part for the good of your publicity.

  • Mobile Friendly Content

With the high usage of smart phones, almost everyone accesses social media through their mobile phones. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smart phones So, the content that you create must be mobile friendly, social media friendly, people friendly, attractive and concise. Being compatible with smart phones will definitely increase the horizons of your reach.

  • Rich content (video)

Here’s a shocking revelation – over 70% of marketers claim that videos produce more conversions compared to other medium of content. Creating a good video for your brand can lead to good number of views, marketing and brand visibility. However, remember your video content will also define your customer interaction.

  • Influential User Generated Contents

Add social influencers who can stand as ambassadors for your product or service. Displaying their happy and satisfied comments about your business, will gain a professional and organic trust over your business. More than Ads, people trust online opinions of the customers.

  • Produce New Content

In today’s day and age, people don’t prefer seeing the same content, repeatedly. Having an evergreen content does not work anymore. Giving new content will keep your customers expectant and make them come back for more.